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Video Production Services

Moving Eye Productions is a Yorkshire based production company that offers a wide range of video services - please scroll down to find out more or to view samples of our work click the 'Sample Our Work' Tab above.


Video Production Services

Moving Eye Productions is a Yorkshire based production company that offers a wide range of video services - please scroll down to find out more or to view samples of our work click the 'Sample Our Work' Tab above.


Corporate video production will enable you to give a definite and professional message to your community and serve as a tool for anyone wanting to learn more about your corporation.


Our “MAKE A MOVIE” experience is a unique opportunity for your employees to bond through a creativity workshop. They will experience all aspects a film-making, filming, acting and directing.  On completion of the day’s activities, the film will be taken away for editing; we will add score and Hollywood special effects. Within 2 weeks you will receive the finished film along with a copy for all those who participated in the experience.  Then it’s over to you to organise the premier of your film, popcorn included.

We can offer this experience at your location or location of your choice.


In the modern market an actors show reel is essential in debuting your talent and marketing toward industry professional such as agents - producers & casting directors.  Here at moving eye we produce unique and tailored show reels that really bring out the actors talent and abilities - this will amplify the chances of the actor gaining work as they have a high class advantage of how they perform on screen.  


There are more and more emerging artists arriving on the music scene with a hunger to climb to the very top of their field. What better way to encapsulate an audience than a music video that demonstrates the artists commitment and passion alongside debuting their talent.  Each artist has a specific style and with our process we work together to achieve the video that will make an audience want more.


We absolutely love to film documentaries that will engage, inspire and motivate the viewing audience into wanting to learn and know more about what they see on the screen in-front of them.


Graphics are utilised in a wide range of projects from film companies, logos to YouTube etc to demonstrate/engage the audience.  Graphics also create a very personalised and professional image for the individual or organisation. 


Here at MEP we believe in making learning enriching for one and all.  We are all on our own unique and individual journeys to gain knowledge and experience in our chosen fields.  We work with child and adult learning material through the medium of film to create and enjoyable and enlightening experience.


Many different companies have a vast array of products that require quick and easy visual reference demonstration and that's where we come in.  MEP go back to basics creating a simplistic demo video to suit your individual project/task/product.


From large businesses to individuals MEP utilises all of their experience and knowledge to help promote a specific tailored market for their clients.  Promotion is a key factor in gaining business and we are able to debut your services to your customers through the combined mediums mentioned in this list.

We all have a vast array of skills, abilities and experience that allows us to create a totally unique and quality product for your chosen project area.


Do you have exclusive real estate or a luxury resort that you want to show to people from around the world or in your target area?  Here at MEP we endeavour to create something encapsulating and true to the given location.  We want the viewer to see a true representation and give an almost virtual experience through the medium of film.


Our passion is film making and we really push the boundaries of what is possible to create something fresh and exciting. Every minute detail is covered in our process which you can find on the tab at the top of our page labeled "Process".  Take a look at the shots we captured as examples - click to see more:


Aerial footage can open up a whole new realm of possibilities to your project.  Looking at the world from a different perspective can add another dimension to your chosen project. 



Whether you're at the initial idea conception stage or you have a full script and storyboard, MEP can serve you at whatever step you are in your process by taking action into turning your vision into reality.

Step by Step:

  • Development of concept

  • Scriptwriting & Storyboarding

  • Production (including access to Actors)

  • Editing

  • Delivery in your chosen format

Check out our process model that has proven time and time again to effectively execute projects.


Meet The Filmmakers

Meet The Filmmakers


Founder & Creative Director

Since the age of nine, Simon has been making award winning films.

Captivated by the cinematography of Spielberg's "Jaws" there was no going back for this young enthusiast.

With nearly 30 years experience Simon has had successful film submissionswith Bafta and the Arizona Film Festival.

Simon is constantly pushing the technology for more.

Simon's purpose in life is to create a feature film that will inspire the next generation of filmmakers and create an emotional hook on the rest of us.

Want To Know More about simon?  Please Read on:

Simon started producing films in 1975 after his father had allowed me to use his 8mm Super 8 camera and splicer.

At the age of 9 years old he entered the BBC Clapperboard

“Young Film Makers Competition”

which was a weekly show that showcased children’s film/projects.  Entering a film called

“The boy from outer space”

A 5-minutes sci-fi thriller. Although he did not win, the film was shown and I he was immediately hooked and has been ever since.

He began to produce minority sport features in the late 80s that allowed his continual work in the industry and development of further skill and knowledge.

2007 - commissioned by Red Lobster productions (Howard Foster) to produce a documentary

“Crime Island”

which looked at the release of “John Gold Finger Palmer” from the Tenerife Prison.

2007 – 2008 While working at True North he was involved in

“Getting away with Murder”

and the

“Way we used to Worship”

(Edit and Camera)

2008 - employed as second Camera and Dolly operator on the ITV soap


2012 - made a significant investment into digital 35mm equivalent film camera and editing equipment.

Having the correct tools available enabled him to compete with the larger film companies.

Simon's first film with this equipment was


originally created for the London 48 Sci-Fi competition, but during the edit they realised that it had potential to be submitted into wider market place.

Submitting into the Arizona underground and Aesthetica and in both cases had a showing but did not get placed.

2013 - entered Sweet 16 into the

“Short Cuts to Hell”

competition, this time the film got placed and was selected as part of the best horror film shorts of 2013 and was included into the box set and sold through I-tunes.

Both films gained recognition from the IMDB (largest online movie database)

2013 - commissioned by Victoria Lucas “Photographer and Film Maker” to create an art piece of the closing of the Sheffield Castle Market.

The film was a huge success and was shown in art galleries around the world.

In her recent book.

We had acknowledgement of the work that we produced to make this film the success it was.

2014 - commissioned to produce a film in conjunction with Indiana State University and the Earth Pyramid portraying ancient methodologies of moving large stones great distances.

The film is being used to encourage interest in Egyptology.

2014 - commissioned to make 3 films for Saint-Gobain a departmental spoof film showing supplier relationships “South

American Connection.

(This won the video of the year for the organisation).

Project More – This film mixed live footage with animation and its aim was employee retention.

The final film was to make a spoof Sci-Fi that engaged their suppliers and to leave a clear message with their intended audience

“Second Chance”

was a huge success for Saint-Gobain and went on to win their internal Oscar.

I personally received best Director.

Although this was a co-operate style film – Simon used all his film making skills and experience to achieve the desired look.

2015 - Simon shot the film

"No Mans Land"

NML short.jpg

Which has been submitted to various film festivals and is currently gaining official selection in multiple festivals.

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