Mission Statement

Our Promise

To Deliver Quality Served with Passion


To produce films that exceeds our customer’s expectations at an affordable price.

Our duty to is serve our clients with media that will powerfully impact and dramatically engage the audience. 


At MEP, filmmaking is not only our passion, it's what we live for and it's built on a foundation of four key principles:


Our DNA is made up of...a magnificent obsession with film, a mentality of contribution and action for the greater good, a thirst for knowledge backed up with a dose of INTELLIGENT work ethic.


At MEP we strive to push the technology, to make it go further than it has even gone before. We constantly strive to lead the field and create something unique. At MEP we are always looking to continuously improve, never settling for what we have.


At MEP we have a thirst for knowledge and mix that in with our drive to continuously make better films to best serve our clients - we love learning. Whether it’s from the great film directors such as Hitchcock or Coppola or the marketing masters Saatchi & Saatchi or Ogilvy - we are always looking to learn from the best and improve.  


At MEP we have developed a system of film production that generates an environment to optimise creativity and execute production quickly. We know this is key to serving our clients as their time is finite. Our system allows for our clients to focus on what is important to them and MEP will do the rest. See our typical filming process.