Its A Wrap!!

After months of preparation our film has finally been shot and will now go into the edit.

We have had some amazing creative and professional artists on-board who have gone above and beyond to add their own unique talents to the film.

Below are some behind the scenes shots of the filming.

Here are some of the cast suited and ready to go go go.

Behind the camera setting up ready for action.


Setting the scene ready to shoot

Every single member of the cast and crew pulled together to make this film and there was a positive vibe on set throughout the entire film - everyone was a pleasure to work with.

Even the weather was on our side.

The locations worked beautifully and really set the tone and mood of the film.

Our MUA Megan Hinchcliffe did an amazing job with her awesome make-up skills - please go and find her page on Facebook.

We will post more pics and updates as the edit progresses but no spoilers - we really can't wait to show you all the finished product.


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Please say hello to our make-up and special effects artis Megan Hinchcliffe

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Megan studied at Leeds City College for the past two years earning qualifications in Media Makeup, Special Effects and Hair design.

Her studies will continue next year by completing a degree in Theatrical, Special Effects makeup and Hair design over the next two years.

This will be her first film which will allow her to showcase her skills with an aim to continue working within the film and TV industry.

Megan enjoy's a wide range of hair and makeup from the most gory special effects to glamorous bridal makeup.

When not learning and trialing new skills in all areas of hair and makeup, Megan spend her time watching Rugby League and spending time with family.

Here is an awesome example of Megan's work

Here is an awesome example of Megan's work



Here is our cast for 'Stanley'

After our audition process we managed to cast actors for our up and coming film 'Stanley'

Everyone who attended and all who video auditioned performed fantastically which made the decision of who to cast really tough.  But after much deliberation we came to a decision. 

Please take a look below:

Please give a warm welcome to 'Stanley' who will be played by Nick Huskisson

Nick has always had an interest in film making and acting from a very early age, taking part in as many plays as possible at School.

He studied a degree at Stafford University in Film & Cultural Studies, and sometime later decided to pursue his dream of becoming an actor by contacting Jo Adamson Parker, Director of the N: Das School of Acting.

Since then Nick has been involved with several short film and theatre productions, and benefitted from a close association with Simon Hare and Moving Eye Productions.

Sweet 16 (swat team no. 3 and policeman) – An independent film by Simon hare

The Estate (lead role – Kevin Hart) – An independent film by Jordan Japal

Blood Brothers theatre production (milkman, doctor & policeman) – Winner of the Wharfdale Theatre Awards ‘Best Dramatic Play’ by Northern Spark Theatre Company.

Bait (Featured Extra) – A Dominic Brunt Film

No Man’s Land (Reutger) – An independent film by Simon Hare

A former member of the N:DAS School of Acting

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Headshot by Michael John Suttill - Photography & film

Say hello to Stanleys Girl:

India is a Yorkshire born actress and dancer.

She began performing at a young age and went on to train at The Royal Ballet Lower School and Elmhurst School for Dance.

During this time she worked with The Royal Ballet in their performances of 'The Nutcracker' and 'Swan Lake'. Alongside this she has trained with The Young Rogues Acting Company and currently takes classes with Act Up North.

Most recently India has worked on a collection of short films and with The Riptide Immersive Theatre Company on their exiting new production SWARM.

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India Thompson

Here is our 'Tetley'

Tony Goodall

Since returned to acting in 2010 Tony has played leading roles in over sixty short films and three feature films, and he adores the process of making films.

He has also acted in simulated patients, murder mysteries and
corporate promotions.

He was a full time professional actor from 1972 to 1979, when there were very few opportunities for film acting in the pre-digital 'film' age.

Tony was born and bred in Leeds. Whilst working for BBC Radio Leeds in 1985, he heard of the death of a former pupil from a glue sniffing accident.

This led him to produce a series on drugs, which in turn led into the public health field, where he developed a particular and passionate interest in tobacco and alcohol issues.

He continues to work as a consultant in alcohol
harm reduction.

Say hello to John aka Blake Allan

Blake is a 40 something year old actor with distinctive strawberry blonde hair.

Eager, flexible and extremely passionate about his craft he works hard, challenging himself with everything from comedy, music videos and deep character roles.

Blake has achieved 3IMDb credits and enjoys working with local film makers and recently completed his first role in a Bollywood feature.

When he's not in front of the camera he does all he can to enrich his skills as well as spending time with his family and two huskies.

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Brian Darwin Taylor

Brian Darwin Taylor is a Northern based actor from African Caribbean background who is currently situated in Sheffield.

He has recently landed a primary role in the 2016 international Television commercial for Nike, called “The Switch” starring Cristiano Ronaldo. Brian Play’s a father to a young footballer who miraculously switches bodies with Cristiano Ronaldo.

He has appeared in the BBC award winning TV drama “Ordinary Lies”. Brian plays a supporting role as DC Trott in episode five. Working along side other actors such as Max Beesly, Michelle Keegan, Mackenzie Crook and Jason Manford.

Brian has been lucky enough to have worked with and taken direction from Hollywood film director/producer Jonathan Mostow, In “Hunters Prayer” This was a Hollywood production, part filmed in Halifax. And stars Hollywood A lister (Sam Worthington). Brian plays the arresting officer of a young runaway fugitive.

He first started acting in Secondary school where he had a small part in the stage play “The search for Odysseus” .He later moved to London in the late 1980,s and Joined up with the Black arts theatre.

Brian has kept his self-busy by constantly working on his acting career. And lately has participated in workshops ranging from combat skills for TV and Film with (Renny Krupinski). Emotional workshop with (Noreen Kershaw), thirteen week Audition techniques at (Beverley Keogh’s Act4TV), and Ten week training with the (Geraldine O’conner foundation) creative café learning how to read Shakespeare. Summer school adult acting with (Ruth Carney) Sheffield. Three day workshop acting for screen and TV. And also acting for radio workshop at the Alra drama school in Wigan

Brian can be found at his local boxing gym carrying out boxing circuits. However his favourite pass time away from acting is Kizomba Dancing! Which is a Portuguese Angolan partner dance.

Brian is currently now with the Northern Star acting school based in Leeds. Where he is working on different approaches to improvisation script analysis and ensemble work.

He is a confident character actor who is looking for opportunities in screen and television. He relishes a challenge is constantly focused on realising his acting goals.

Brian Taylor

Say hello to our compare Jack Hanson:

Jack is more used to the stage than the screen but has always enjoyed performing in all its myriad forms. He has appeared in countless productions with the Upstagers theatre group in his home town of Ilkley, been lucky enough to appear at the prestigious Bradford Alhambra theatre on several occasions, and starred in a BBC4 radio play at the age of 12.

Besides acting, Jack loves to travel and has lived in New Zealand and recently came back from a three-month expedition to Central America."

Jack Torsten Bram Hanson

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Here is our latest project for The Earth Pyramid - please like - share and enjoy - help us to raise awareness of this fantastic opportunity.

firstly - The Making of the film:

To create The film for the Earth pyramid project we had to sit down to gather various pieces of information that would need to be addressed for our viewing audience.

So we teamed up with Steve Ward to organize various interviews and locations for the project.

In the film below you can see that we used the following locations to capture the footage of the interviews:

Simon Tysons time capsule - a really amazing piece of craftsmanship.

Simon Tysons time capsule - a really amazing piece of craftsmanship.

  • Quarry - Steve
  • Arup Office Buildings - Mark Steele
  • Simon Tysons Studio - Simon Tyson

Once we had gathered the locations we set up the camera and interviewed each contributing member:

  • Steve Ward
  • Mark Steele
  • Simon Tyson

Each member gave their take on the Earth Pyramid.

Here is a behind the scenes snap shot of Simon setting up camera to shoot some 'cut away' shots to be edited into the film later on.

We took a variety of different shots so that we were later able to edit these all together to help the audience understand the project.

Once we captured all the footage we then went into post production where we:

  • Edited material - to order the footage and create an understandable film that flows.
  • Added Effects - these were used for the name titles to establish the people involved. 
  • Added Musical Accompaniment - to lift the film and create atmosphere
  • Color Corrected - to bring out the coulors/textures and really give the film a crisp finish.
  • Created The End Animation - this gives a visual perspective so the viewer can really envisage the structure and internal workings.

Then we completed the film and here it is for you to watch so please like - share & enjoy:

Also MEP is now .com



What Do You Do When Someone Forgets Their Lines In A Live Performance???

I have only encountered this barrier a few times.  

It was a ensemble performance were in which there were multiple characters giving multiple lines.  

So what happens when one character forgets their line does the piece stop or simply carry on?

Well in my instance the performances stopped and the actors looked at each other trying to figure out whos line came next.

The piece stopped mid flow and the actors came into a state of panic.  

I stayed in character throughout and then immediately jumped in and improvised the section before the audience became aware.  

So what was the mistake?  was it the moment of forgetful-ness?

or the momentary silence?

When actors are not prepared mistakes can cause things to STOP in their tracks unless the rest of the cast are totally focused and are go go go :)

 By utilizing what they have learn in their training.  

It is useful for an actor to take the techniques learned and put them to the test especially in live performance.

The group had a momentary lapse and totally forgot the world of the performance and were more interested in the one who had made the mistake.

By doing this they went over the line and brought personal frustration into the performance.

If they had been in the moment instead of the past they would have carried on and done what I had by improvising in their character.

In training one must learn to make mistakes absorb them and keep the energy flow going.  

I always compare a group or ensemble with a chain and if that chain breaks/has weak links mistakes can be seen by an audience and the chain broken.

We must learn to deal with these situations and convey this through our actor training.

We need to deal with every moment, be in that moment and pass it on in a continuous flow.

Practice Train Learn and apply :)

Written by Liam Rooke



Casting Call For Leeds Based Short Film 'Stanley'


“Tetley’s Girl”

Character description: She is fascinated with Tetley and his troubled personality. His art reflects his pain and she is drawn towards the images, and falls in love with him.

Playing Age: 20-26 years


Character description: She is very inquisitive, and can be very much in your face. She has short fuse and can quickly become aggressive an argumentative.

Playing Age: 20-30years


Character description: He is a Teddy boy, a bit of a joker, protective over his girlfriend, Linda. He is a confident young man, but under pressure will adopt a flight mentality and look for anyway out.

Playing Age: 20-30years

“Postal Worker 1”

Character description: He is a Sikh, and the group leader of his delivery area. He is extremely proud that his team have been given the task to escort Stanley on the most important delivery in the history of the post offices. He is a proud Yorkshire man and a good leader. He had a soft spot for Stanley; he appreciates his commitment and enthusiasm. He can see a lot of himself in Stanley when he was starting out for the post office. He knows the importance the delivery of this letter has on the post office. It is at the heart in what they stand for “We always deliver on time and in Full”. 

Playing Age: 45-55 years

“Postal Worker 1”

Character description: He is a little brash, and slightly tackles. He has not got the same sense of pride as the rest of the group. He works to subsidise his Friday and Saturday nights out, but even he knows that this letter is special and appreciates its importance. He also likes the idea that he is part of the team that is making this historical delivery.

Playing Age: 25-35 years

“Postal Worker 3”

Character description: He is Mr agreeable, he nods and agrees with everything the Team Leader says. He would love to be in charge but he knows that he is not capable. He really admires the team leader, and would love to be remembered as the person who delivered the letter. He is a little bit jealous of Stanley. 

Playing Age: 45-55 years

“Postal Worker 4”

Character description: He would have loved to be part of the Special Forces, but unfortunately was not accepted in to the army due to being asthmatic. He is bodybuilder and where’s his uniform a size too small to exaggerate his frame. He is proud to where the uniform, and sees the delivery of the letter as a secret mission.  

Playing Age: 20-26 years


If interested please contact


TEL: 07749302732


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Often in our projects we utilize voice over to enhance the experience of the specific audience.

Voice over can be applied to multiple projects to really help the viewer understand the story/product in even more detail.

Here are some voice over examples for you to have a listen to:

The above samples are of commercial voice overs - these help the viewer to create imagery in their minds as to the products that are being described and to gain further understanding of them.

The next sample of voice over is for children - voice over can be applied to film or used on its own.

The above audio has the addition of music to further stimulate a child's creativity and need to play.  

Here at MEP we add multiple layers to our projects so that we get the best and most powerful results.  

Below you will see how the voice over can be applied to visual/filmic/animation experience.

This is from the Youtube channel "Bonnies House" the video and musical accompaniment was made by Andrew Fly and voiced by our Liam Rooke.

As you can see there are many different applications of voice over.

Here at MEP we can add voice over to projects - here are a few examples:

  • Promotional description - add another dimension to your online flyers/video with an audio track
  • Audio description - help people further gain knowledge on your brand/product - help people who are visually impared to allow them to gain knowledge of what is happening
  • Children s educational video - we all thrive on learning so why not add a friendly voice into the mix
  • Documentaries - we love David Attenborough documentaries so enriching and educational both visually and audio
  • Film - characters thoughts or an opening monologue or closing one to tie up your story
  • Theatre - give your audience the voice of the gods
  • Advert - to advertise your product
  • E-learning materials - to assist in learning through listening as well as visual reference
  • Guided tours - teaching the adventurer about history
  • Background - to add a crowd/crowd noise to the scene
  • Animation - bring weird and wonderful characters to life and give them a voice

There are so many applications and we offer this service to our clients to gain them maximum exposure for their project and to enhance the experience of their audience.

If you are interested in our services please get in-touch.

Article written by Liam Rooke



Krakow Poland footage

When the opportunity presents itself we love to capture footage from the places we visit so here we have Krakow in Poland.

Filmed by Simon using the Osmo by DJi.

If you ever wanted to visit Poland this footage will give you an idea of the picturesque surroundings so please like - share & enjoy :)



An Actors Life For Me

Many hopefuls dream of becoming an actor/actress and making themselves known by appearing on the big screen and staring in movies.


The creative industry is a tough nut to crack and without the knowledge and insight of what to do and how to set off, you are tripping before the first hurdle.

Knowledge is the key to climbing that Everest that is the creative ladder.

It can be done with persistence, consistence and determination without these you are going to get very disappointed.

You have to put one foot in-front of the other and gather knowledge and new skills as you go along.

Train, train and train - you have to refine your skills so that you become a master at your craft and make acting become second nature.

Once you have found suitable training, really push yourself mentally and physically to see what is possible.

When you gain knowledge and are constantly pushing new boundaries you will be better prepared to approach industry professionals, such as agents who will work with you to get acting work.

BUT........remember you must always promote yourself and make sure people know where to find you and see samples of your work.

Industry professionals want to see how you perform and look physically, so a great place to start is by getting a headshot (pretty much industry standard).  

This will allow you to put a face to your name and let the industry professionals see who you are and if you suit any possible castings.

Oh and the headshots should be 10*8, this is an industry requirement and make sure you get digital copies for online usage too.

This is a great place to start - my headshots will be posted in this article so you can see examples.

Also a good idea is to gather any images from shows you have performed in so you can post on social media - here are a few of mine for example:

Next you must create a show reel - this is to show your representation on screen and how you perform/speak.

There are a few ways to gain material - you can gather footage as you go along, which can take a while or you can have a show reel created by a company.

Moving Eye Productions provides this service so please take a look at our work and if you are interested or know someone who might be, please get in-touch.

Hope this little article helped :)  Want to know more please give us a like - share or comment and we will reply ASAP


Article written by Liam Rooke