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Often in our projects we utilize voice over to enhance the experience of the specific audience.

Voice over can be applied to multiple projects to really help the viewer understand the story/product in even more detail.

Here are some voice over examples for you to have a listen to:

The above samples are of commercial voice overs - these help the viewer to create imagery in their minds as to the products that are being described and to gain further understanding of them.

The next sample of voice over is for children - voice over can be applied to film or used on its own.

The above audio has the addition of music to further stimulate a child's creativity and need to play.  

Here at MEP we add multiple layers to our projects so that we get the best and most powerful results.  

Below you will see how the voice over can be applied to visual/filmic/animation experience.

This is from the Youtube channel "Bonnies House" the video and musical accompaniment was made by Andrew Fly and voiced by our Liam Rooke.

As you can see there are many different applications of voice over.

Here at MEP we can add voice over to projects - here are a few examples:

  • Promotional description - add another dimension to your online flyers/video with an audio track
  • Audio description - help people further gain knowledge on your brand/product - help people who are visually impared to allow them to gain knowledge of what is happening
  • Children s educational video - we all thrive on learning so why not add a friendly voice into the mix
  • Documentaries - we love David Attenborough documentaries so enriching and educational both visually and audio
  • Film - characters thoughts or an opening monologue or closing one to tie up your story
  • Theatre - give your audience the voice of the gods
  • Advert - to advertise your product
  • E-learning materials - to assist in learning through listening as well as visual reference
  • Guided tours - teaching the adventurer about history
  • Background - to add a crowd/crowd noise to the scene
  • Animation - bring weird and wonderful characters to life and give them a voice

There are so many applications and we offer this service to our clients to gain them maximum exposure for their project and to enhance the experience of their audience.

If you are interested in our services please get in-touch.

Article written by Liam Rooke



An Actors Life For Me

Many hopefuls dream of becoming an actor/actress and making themselves known by appearing on the big screen and staring in movies.


The creative industry is a tough nut to crack and without the knowledge and insight of what to do and how to set off, you are tripping before the first hurdle.

Knowledge is the key to climbing that Everest that is the creative ladder.

It can be done with persistence, consistence and determination without these you are going to get very disappointed.

You have to put one foot in-front of the other and gather knowledge and new skills as you go along.

Train, train and train - you have to refine your skills so that you become a master at your craft and make acting become second nature.

Once you have found suitable training, really push yourself mentally and physically to see what is possible.

When you gain knowledge and are constantly pushing new boundaries you will be better prepared to approach industry professionals, such as agents who will work with you to get acting work.

BUT........remember you must always promote yourself and make sure people know where to find you and see samples of your work.

Industry professionals want to see how you perform and look physically, so a great place to start is by getting a headshot (pretty much industry standard).  

This will allow you to put a face to your name and let the industry professionals see who you are and if you suit any possible castings.

Oh and the headshots should be 10*8, this is an industry requirement and make sure you get digital copies for online usage too.

This is a great place to start - my headshots will be posted in this article so you can see examples.

Also a good idea is to gather any images from shows you have performed in so you can post on social media - here are a few of mine for example:

Next you must create a show reel - this is to show your representation on screen and how you perform/speak.

There are a few ways to gain material - you can gather footage as you go along, which can take a while or you can have a show reel created by a company.

Moving Eye Productions provides this service so please take a look at our work and if you are interested or know someone who might be, please get in-touch.

Hope this little article helped :)  Want to know more please give us a like - share or comment and we will reply ASAP


Article written by Liam Rooke