Moving eye have recently invested in both the Ronin S and the Panasonic GH5S. During our last two commercial shoots we put them to good use. We were able to move from scene to scene efficiently and effectively. What really helped us keep to the tight deadlines, was our lens Ronin balance sheets. Each axis balance point on the Ronin was recorded on to a laminated A4 sheet with photos of the measurements to keep it simple, we simply referred to them every time we changed a lens. The other great time saving tip is that we always create a detailed shot list with the lenses we plan to shoot with, then we group them together were possible, this reduces the amount of change-overs during the shoot.

The “ReviveIt” film we utilized the Lumix G 42,5mm F1.7 telephoto lens which delivers an equivalent 85mm field of view, and with the auto focus made the tracking shots easy to capture, especially with the new GH5S firmware update 1.2 (Oct 2018).

In the film “No Excuses” we used the continuous 360 degree rotation on the Ronin S to capture a young gymnast tumbling, to make the shot easier, we used a wheelchair from the schools medical room to help smooth out the shot and keep the action in frame.

All our music is composed specifically for the project by Andrew Fly, professional music composer, which takes the pressure of Moving Eye. In the past we would purchase Licence Free music and try to make it fit, and for each use of the same music there was an additional fee. Now we make one payment and we have total rights of the music to use as many times as we wish in as many applications as we wish, allowing us to be the best cost effective option for our customers .

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Ronin-S Set-Up Cards