Here is our latest project for The Earth Pyramid - please like - share and enjoy - help us to raise awareness of this fantastic opportunity.

firstly - The Making of the film:

To create The film for the Earth pyramid project we had to sit down to gather various pieces of information that would need to be addressed for our viewing audience.

So we teamed up with Steve Ward to organize various interviews and locations for the project.

In the film below you can see that we used the following locations to capture the footage of the interviews:

Simon Tysons time capsule - a really amazing piece of craftsmanship.

Simon Tysons time capsule - a really amazing piece of craftsmanship.

  • Quarry - Steve
  • Arup Office Buildings - Mark Steele
  • Simon Tysons Studio - Simon Tyson

Once we had gathered the locations we set up the camera and interviewed each contributing member:

  • Steve Ward
  • Mark Steele
  • Simon Tyson

Each member gave their take on the Earth Pyramid.

Here is a behind the scenes snap shot of Simon setting up camera to shoot some 'cut away' shots to be edited into the film later on.

We took a variety of different shots so that we were later able to edit these all together to help the audience understand the project.

Once we captured all the footage we then went into post production where we:

  • Edited material - to order the footage and create an understandable film that flows.
  • Added Effects - these were used for the name titles to establish the people involved. 
  • Added Musical Accompaniment - to lift the film and create atmosphere
  • Color Corrected - to bring out the coulors/textures and really give the film a crisp finish.
  • Created The End Animation - this gives a visual perspective so the viewer can really envisage the structure and internal workings.

Then we completed the film and here it is for you to watch so please like - share & enjoy:

Also MEP is now .com