I have only encountered this barrier a few times.  

It was a ensemble performance were in which there were multiple characters giving multiple lines.  

So what happens when one character forgets their line does the piece stop or simply carry on?

Well in my instance the performances stopped and the actors looked at each other trying to figure out whos line came next.

The piece stopped mid flow and the actors came into a state of panic.  

I stayed in character throughout and then immediately jumped in and improvised the section before the audience became aware.  

So what was the mistake?  was it the moment of forgetful-ness?

or the momentary silence?

When actors are not prepared mistakes can cause things to STOP in their tracks unless the rest of the cast are totally focused and are go go go :)

 By utilizing what they have learn in their training.  

It is useful for an actor to take the techniques learned and put them to the test especially in live performance.

The group had a momentary lapse and totally forgot the world of the performance and were more interested in the one who had made the mistake.

By doing this they went over the line and brought personal frustration into the performance.

If they had been in the moment instead of the past they would have carried on and done what I had by improvising in their character.

In training one must learn to make mistakes absorb them and keep the energy flow going.  

I always compare a group or ensemble with a chain and if that chain breaks/has weak links mistakes can be seen by an audience and the chain broken.

We must learn to deal with these situations and convey this through our actor training.

We need to deal with every moment, be in that moment and pass it on in a continuous flow.

Practice Train Learn and apply :)

Written by Liam Rooke