“Tetley’s Girl”

Character description: She is fascinated with Tetley and his troubled personality. His art reflects his pain and she is drawn towards the images, and falls in love with him.

Playing Age: 20-26 years


Character description: She is very inquisitive, and can be very much in your face. She has short fuse and can quickly become aggressive an argumentative.

Playing Age: 20-30years


Character description: He is a Teddy boy, a bit of a joker, protective over his girlfriend, Linda. He is a confident young man, but under pressure will adopt a flight mentality and look for anyway out.

Playing Age: 20-30years

“Postal Worker 1”

Character description: He is a Sikh, and the group leader of his delivery area. He is extremely proud that his team have been given the task to escort Stanley on the most important delivery in the history of the post offices. He is a proud Yorkshire man and a good leader. He had a soft spot for Stanley; he appreciates his commitment and enthusiasm. He can see a lot of himself in Stanley when he was starting out for the post office. He knows the importance the delivery of this letter has on the post office. It is at the heart in what they stand for “We always deliver on time and in Full”. 

Playing Age: 45-55 years

“Postal Worker 1”

Character description: He is a little brash, and slightly tackles. He has not got the same sense of pride as the rest of the group. He works to subsidise his Friday and Saturday nights out, but even he knows that this letter is special and appreciates its importance. He also likes the idea that he is part of the team that is making this historical delivery.

Playing Age: 25-35 years

“Postal Worker 3”

Character description: He is Mr agreeable, he nods and agrees with everything the Team Leader says. He would love to be in charge but he knows that he is not capable. He really admires the team leader, and would love to be remembered as the person who delivered the letter. He is a little bit jealous of Stanley. 

Playing Age: 45-55 years

“Postal Worker 4”

Character description: He would have loved to be part of the Special Forces, but unfortunately was not accepted in to the army due to being asthmatic. He is bodybuilder and where’s his uniform a size too small to exaggerate his frame. He is proud to where the uniform, and sees the delivery of the letter as a secret mission.  

Playing Age: 20-26 years


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