20th September 2015, No Man's Land made it's premiere onto the big screen at the Ilkley Playhouse. It's obviously where all the stars go as a week later the playhouse was screening Royal Shakespeare Company's Richard II starring David Tennent.

It was a wonderful setting for what would be our first private showing of the film for the cast and crew and a few select VIP's. 17:04 minutes  of WW1 drama was followed by Director Simon Hare presenting his journey of the making the movie. What surprised us most was the Q&A session afterwards where we had the cast and crew on the stage and the amount of genuine interest we had created amongst the audience. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding night for all which is only the beginning of this epic journey. 

A massive thanks must go out to the team at the Ilkely Playhouse for hosting us at their amazing venue. It really was a beautiful evening. If you want to find out more about the playhouse here is a link to their facebook page.