Simon's ability to beg steal and borrow was put the test over the few weeks and months before filming took place. No Man's Land would never have happened without a few key people who generously contributed to the films production. Silver Fern, Steve Ward and Jordan Hague , were two of those people.  Silver Fern's expertise is fencing and decking in and around the West Yorkshire area. However they also excel at making WW1 trenches. Below is shot taken before the trench was fully finished, but you can already see the realism they created. This blog post is written as a note of gratitude to Steve and Jordan who generously gave their time and effort to the cause....thanks guys!

Building trenches isn't all Steve excels at, oh no...he is man of many talents, not only did he used to play Rugby League professionally, but he is also building a Pyramid. That's right folks, a real life sized Pyramid that the Egyptians would be inspired by. It's a great project and one that I will blog about in the coming days.